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Norman, Oklahoma is part of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. It is known for Riverwind Casino, Memorial Hall, Sam Noble Museum and of course, the University of Oklahoma. Moreover, its higher education institutes and also its various industries are well renowned.


For this reason, many students come here to pursue higher education and to get jobs. Many are not from Norman, and some are even from other countries. In any case, it is important to find proper accommodations while staying in the area for work or school.


Many students and families choose to rent homes and apartment. They rent houses and stay there on their own or share it with others. At The Pines Apartment Homes, you can rent affordable apartments in Norman with an array of amenities and all bills paid!


Every resident enjoys the following amenities:


Swimming Pool


We have a well-maintained swimming pool where you can relax after a long hectic day or can enjoy on weekends with friends and family.


Fitness Center


In the modern world, when a busy day involves racking your brain while sitting at a desk, it is essential to remain physically fit. Check out our fully-stocked on-site fitness center!


Laundry Services


Not just one but two onsite laundry facilities are available for our residents. Forget going out to a public laundromat or waiting in long lines.


Business Center


Whether you need to print out a paper for class, do some research for an assignment or apply for jobs, our business center is available for your computing needs.


Pet Walking Park


Not only do we allow you to keep small dogs and cats, we offer a pet walking park for dogs to get some exercise and do their business.


Other than these there are many other good points as well like online payment of rent option, an outdoor picnic area with grills and an on-call maintenance staff.


Whether you need a two-bedroom apartment in Norman, a studio or a townhouse, the Pines apartment homes are a great deal. A home is a house until you don’t make it a home. The Pines Apartment Homes will ensure you and yours will feel at home with all the facilities and amenities the modern student or family needs. If you’re planning a move to Norman, this is just the right place to be!


How to Make Off-Campus Living Fun

Student apartment rental in Norman

For many students, living in an on-campus hall or dormitory can be a fun and enlightening experience; but there are some pretty big downsides: untidy rooms, unclean bathrooms, constant disruptions, randomly naked roommates, to name few. Though it may seem alienating to live in an apartment off of the University of Oklahoma campus, the upsides are worth noting.


Finding the perfect apartment is not easy. If you have convinced your parents to help you rent an apartment for your college career, you’ll first need to seek out some options for student apartment rental in Norman.

Before packing your luggage and moving in, you should know few things:


  1. Consider the arrangement. One bedroom and studio apartments are perfect for students who value their privacy, but it may not be as economical or as fun compared to sharing a larger apartment with a roommate or two of your choice.

  3. Check the apartment thoroughly before stepping inside. Look for any loopholes, like broken window, cranky staircase or water damage. Try to talk to someone who has lived in that apartment before you. If you find anything damaged take a picture immediately, so that you don’t get charged for damaging the property when you are leaving the apartment.

  5. Read the rent agreement thoroughly. Take out time to scrutinise all the points stated. Before signing, check if you need to pay any maintenance amounts other than the rent.

  7. Norman has many beautiful apartments. Don’t choose anything quickly, take our time and see if you can find a furnished apartment complete with appliances which fits into your budget.

  9. Check with the agency offering student apartment rental in Norman, whether you will have access to any other facilities like the gym or the pool.

  11. Roam around in the nearby areas and check the distance of the medicine shop, the grocery shop and the shopping mall.

  13. Living in your own apartment means, you need to cook as well. Buy enough groceries to last at least for the first week, until you get familiar with the nearby grocery shops.

  15. Organise your kitchen properly. Keep all the important utensils and the spices in different cabinets.

  17. Maintain a clear communication with your roommates. Talk to them and know who is bringing what, so that you can avoid bringing duplicate things or arguing over who gets what.

  19. Interact with your neighbors. Get to know them better. It will make your life easier.

  21. Staying with roommates can be difficult. In the initial stage only decide, who will take care of what and on which day, so that you don’t end up fighting with each other. For instance, coordinate with your roommates to know how you can divide the task.

  23. Make sure to pay your rent on time to avoid late fees. As far as splitting rent goes, it might help to ask the property manager to do this for you, so each roommate gets a separate bill; this can help you avoid the task of collecting rent yourself.

  25. Buy at least a mattress while moving to the new apartment.

  27. Don’t compromise on the decoration part. You will spend most of your time in the apartment, so turn it into a place where you would love to come back to.

  29. House-warming parties are always exciting. Be prepared for the backbreaking cleaning job once the party is through.

  31. Off-campus staying means, freedom. Be sure to utilise your restriction free life in a sensible way.

  33. Check every now and then whether you have enough food supplies at your place or not.

  35. Be responsible for your own things. Lock your room before leaving the apartment.

  37. Don’t be too generous to share your WiFi password with everyone. If you are paying the internet bill, the password should remain only with you.

  39. Washing clothes can be a tedious job, but staying alone comes with everything. Make sure to take care of the laundry at least once a week. Or else finding clean attire is going to be a challenge.

  41. This might not be your permanent address but at least you are going to spend a year in the rented apartment, therefore don’t forget to change your address.

  43. If you are planning to invite any guests, inform your roommates beforehand.

Staying alone is a big decision. Remember everything comes with pros and cons. No one will be after you to get your things done, therefore be responsible and stay safe.

Best Apartment Amenities You Should Not Be Missing

While renting a new apartment you may check out the different amenities which are being provided. It is important to make sure that you do not miss any important ones. Some of the top amenities which are offered by the apartment rental service providers include online payments, an environmentally friendly community, fitness centers, premium parking options, and much more.

Find out in this infographic the best apartment amenities which you should not be missing out.

best apartment amenities

Technology Breakthroughs In The Real Estate Market

home to rent in Norman

The real estate market is huge. It is also driven by many external factors. The ups and downs of the real estate market depends on the changes in interest rates, the prices of raw materials, construction equipment, engineering and more. These price changes can affect not just new housing, but also the prices of existing homes and apartment rental in Norman.


Websites like Trulia and Zillow have tried their best to offer the many types of data that home buyers and renters are looking for. In recent years, tech innovators are taking steps to further improve home searching efficiency. The change has been welcomed as the Norman real estate market sees a rise in apartment rents.


New technology has tapped every aspect of the home renting or buying process, from finding a local apartment for rent, to communicating with the property manager or owner, to submitting the lease application. These changes offer huge benefits to home seekers, saving them time and money.


Many Norman based housing providers are launching their own applications to help out their buyers and renters, all but eliminating the need for realtors. This would help the apartment seekers a great deal because going through a realtor can be shockingly expensive, even by adding a few percentage points to the final sale or rental price!


Call it “the Uber of real estate”, because these applications not only provide data related to nearby real estate, but also connect buyers and sellers with the efficiency only the internet can offer.


While some innovators are busy erasing the realtor from the picture, others are trying to improve their role through technology. Rather than inviting a high-pressure salesperson to show you around, today’s shoppers can find realtors online just for their professional assistance in the leasing or buying process.


If you’re looking for an apartment or home to rent in Norman, Oklahoma, check out the app store on your smartphone to find just the place for you!

How to Find a Great Place to Live in Norman

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Moving from one house to another is never an easy task. It involves a lot of running around, setting things up and most importantly leaving memories in the old house. At times, it becomes difficult to decide whether to buy a house or to rent it. Both options have advantages. Owning a house always evokes a sense of pride but renting can be much easier.


If you are planning to rent a home, you should start hunting for the perfect nest a month in advance. Oklahoma offers ample beautiful homes especially in Norman. Deciding which one to rent becomes a challenge.


This guide will indeed help you to find your dream home quickly:


Check the renting ads

Once you decide to rent a home, search your newspaper for any homes for rent in Norman. You should start searching one month before the decided moving date.

Spread the news

Talk to your neighbors about your decision to rent another apartments that you are aware of any information related to the home.

Don’t be too quick to seal a deal

Selecting a home is a big decision. Take time, check out more than five places. Take out time and compare all the homes that you have seen in and around Norman. This comparison will help you to settle on which home to rent.

Budget is important

While exploring apartments, keep your rent budget in mind. Convey it clearly to the owner or the manager. It will help you to find the perfect home within your budget in Norman.

Check out the other facilities

The beauty of the apartment is important but the other amenities are equally vital. First learn whether the home that you have selected has a car parking facility or not. From the swimming pool to the gym you should check all the additional amenities that you are paying for. Don’t forget about the security system; it is the most important thing.

Look for anything broken

Faucet is broken? The shower is not working? How about the kitchen cupboards? An investigating eye will save you from making a big mistake. In case you find anything broken or not working, ask to have it replaced before you move.

Any other cost that you will have to bear

The apartments in Norman are visually captivating but all good things come at a cost. Other than the rent amount, there might be some additional fees to discuss before signing the agreement.


The mall, the church, the school, the eating joints, the pharmacy, the hospital, and more should be within your reach. If the distance can be covered in 5 to 10 minutes, then you have certainly found the perfect home for you and your family in Norman.

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