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  • How to Make Off-Campus Living Fun

    student apartment rental in Norman

    For many students, living in an on-campus hall or dormitory can be a fun and enlightening experience; but there are some pretty big downsides: untidy rooms, unclean bathrooms, constant disruptions, randomly naked roommates, to name few. Though it may seem alienating to live in an apartment off of the University of Oklahoma campus, the upsides are worth noting.

    Finding the perfect apartment is not easy. If you have convinced your parents to help you rent an apartment for your college career, you’ll first need to seek out some options for student apartment rental in Norman.

    Before packing your luggage and moving in, you should know few things:

    1. Consider the arrangement. One bedroom and studio apartments are perfect for students who value their privacy, but it may not be as economical or as fun compared to sharing a larger apartment with a roommate or two of your choice.
    2. Check the apartment thoroughly before stepping inside. Look for any loopholes, like broken window, cranky staircase or water damage. Try to talk to someone who has lived in that apartment before you. If you find anything damaged take a picture immediately so that you don’t get charged for damaging the property when you are leaving the apartment.
    3. Read the rent agreement thoroughly. Take out time to scrutinize all the points stated. Before signing, check if you need to pay any maintenance amounts other than the rent.
    4. Norman has many beautiful apartments. Don’t choose anything quickly, take our time and see if you can find a furnished apartment complete with appliances which fit into your budget.
    5. Check with the agency offering student apartment rental in Norman, whether you will have access to any other facilities like the gym or the pool.
    6. Roam around in the nearby areas and check the distance of the medicine shop, the grocery shop, and the shopping mall.
    7. Living in your own apartment means, you need to cook as well. Buy enough groceries to last at least for the first week, until you get familiar with the nearby grocery shops.
    8. Organize your kitchen properly. Keep all the important utensils and the spices in different cabinets.
    9. Maintain a clear communication with your roommates. Talk to them and know who is bringing what, so that you can avoid bringing duplicate things or arguing over who gets what.
    10. Interact with your neighbors. Get to know them better. It will make your life easier.
    11. Staying with roommates can be difficult. In the initial stage only decide, who will take care of what and on which day, so that you don’t end up fighting with each other. For instance, coordinate with your roommates to know how you can divide the task.
    12. Make sure to pay your rent on time to avoid late fees. As far as splitting rent goes, it might help to ask the property manager to do this for you, so each roommate gets a separate bill; this can help you avoid the task of collecting rent yourself.
    13. Buy at least a mattress while moving to the new apartment.
    14. Don’t compromise on the decoration part. You will spend most of your time in the apartment, so turn it into a place where you would love to come back to.
    15. House-warming parties are always exciting. Be prepared for the backbreaking cleaning job once the party is through.
    16. Off-campus staying means, freedom. Be sure to utilize your restriction free life in a sensible way.
    17. Check every now and then whether you have enough food supplies at your place or not.
    18. Be responsible for your own things. Lock your room before leaving the apartment.
    19. Don’t be too generous to share your WiFi password with everyone. If you are paying the internet bill, the password should remain only with you.
    20. Washing clothes can be a tedious job, but staying alone comes with everything. Make sure to take care of the laundry at least once a week. Or else finding clean attire is going to be a challenge.
    21. This might not be your permanent address but at least you are going to spend a year in the rented apartment, therefore don’t forget to change your address.
    22. If you are planning to invite any guests, inform your roommates beforehand.

    Staying alone is a big decision. Remember everything comes with pros and cons. No one will be after you to get your things done, therefore be responsible and stay safe.

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